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             中国毛纺织行业协会龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金专业委员会三届二次会议在临沂成功召开 The 2nd meeting of the 3rd session of the China Wool Textile Industry  Association’s blanket committee was successfully held in Linyi. 2018年12月18日,由中国毛纺织行业协会龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金专业委员会主办、山东新丝路工贸股份有限公司承办的龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金专业委员会三届二次会议于在山东临沂举行,此次参会企业包含国内主要龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金生产企业及相关行业单位共计30余家,参会人数约130余人。 The second meeting of the third session of the Blanket Professional Committee was held in Linyi city, Shandong province,which is sponsored by China Wool Textile Industry Association and Shandong New Silk Road Co., LTD.The participants included more than 30 major domestic blanket manufactures & related industry units .And about 130 people attended this.  一、中毛协龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金专业委员会总结与计划   Summary and Plan        首先,龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金专业委员会主任、山东新丝路工贸股份有限公司钱春生董事长介绍了龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金专业委员会2018年工作总结及2019年工作计划。今年,龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金专业委员会在广大会员支持下,在中毛协指导下,完成了一系列有效的工作,包括第三届龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金专业委员会换届工作、标准修订、行业调研等。并根据行业所需,积极推动行业的技术进步和设备升级。钱总介绍,虽然当前行业发展遇到一些困难,但是行业一直在积极努力,锐意进取,希望专业委员会和龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金行业一起不断突破,迎来行业发展的春天。 At the beginning,Qian Chunsheng, the chairman of Shandong New Silk Road CO.,LTD and director of the Blanket Professional Committee,introduced the work summary of the Blanket Professional Committee in 2018 and work plan in 2019. In 2018,with the support of members and under the guidance of China Blanket Association,the Blanket Professional Committee completed a series of effective work, including the third session of Blanket Professional Committee re-election, the revision of standards,industry research and so on. Meanwhile,The Committee actively promote technological progress and equipment upgrading according to the industry needs. Mr Qian introduced that the industry is always working hard and forging ahead although there are some difficulties in the development of the industry at present. He hopes that the professional committee and the blanket industry can break through together and welcome the Spring of industry development. 随后,彭燕丽会长就我国毛纺行业经济运行总体情况及龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金行业发展情况进行了分析,她列举了龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金行业进出口数据、主要出口市场表现等。北京服装学院、塔里木大学龚䶮教授就各位代表较为关心的环保问题,介绍了当前纺织印染行业相关环保标准及区域规划。 Later,President Peng Yanli analyzed the overall economic operation of China's wool spinning industry and the development of the blankets industry. She enumerated the import and export data of the blanket industry and the main export market performance.Gong YAN, Professor of Beijing Garment College and Tarim University,introduced the current environmental standards and regional planning of textile printing and dyeing industry. 二、相关行业技术交流 Technology exchange in related industries 随后会议进入技术交流阶段,由龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金专业委员会常务副主任,山东新丝路工贸股份有限公司陈喜斌总经理主持。 Then,the meeting entered the stage of technical exchange, chaired by Chen Xibin, general manager of Shandong new silk road Co.,Ltd. and  Deputy Director of Blanket Professional Committee.     来自各相关行业主要的设备及化工企业,就最新的生产设备、工艺、染料助剂等方面进行了交流。 The major equipment and chemical enterprises from various related industries exchanged the latest production equipment,process, dye additives and other aspects. 三、同行座谈交流经营情况 Forum on business management   下午,在龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金专业委员会常务副主任,陈喜斌总经理的主持下,各参会企业开展座谈交流。首先,陈总做了简要发言,陈总感触:作为一位老龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金从业者,他经历并参与了龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金行业发展的整个历程,由机织龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金起步,而后发展腈纶拉舍尔龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金,再到涤代腈以及云毯的开发等等,龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金行业的发展可谓是日新月异。目前随着原料价格波动、企业运行成本上升、环保压力等问题,行业发展遇到了一些困难。面对困难,我们行业要有信心,要团结起来,企业要遵守行业自律、公平竞争,同时也要苦练内功,重视产品开发、做差异化产品,实现可持续发展。随后会议代表纷纷各抒已见,就各自企业发展及经营情况、当地环保政策、企业发展、行业自律等等热点积极发言,大家交流心得、共同探讨,通过此次会议,代表们加强了交流,增进了友谊,也坚定了未来发展的信心。   In the afternoon, under the chairmanship of Chen XinBin,the meeting entered the stage of discussion and exchange .At the beginning,Mr Chen made a brief speech: as an senior blanket practitioner, he has experienced and participated in the whole process of blanket industry development,starting from woven blanket,then developing acrylic Raschel blanket, then polyester instead of acrylic and the development of cloud blanket, etc. The development of blanket industry is changing with each passing day.At present, with the fluctuation of raw material prices,the rise of enterprise operating costs, environmental protection pressure and other issues,the development of the industry has encountered some difficulties.Faced with difficulties,our industry should be confident and united. Enterprises should abide by industry self-discipline and fair competition. At the same time, we should also practice hard our internal skills, pay more attention to the research of new products , produce differentiated products, and realizing the sustainable development of enterprises. Subsequently, delegates at the meeting expressed their opinions and made positive speeches on the development and operation of their respective enterprises, local environmental protection policies, enterprise development, industry self-discipline and other hot topics.Through this meeting, delegates have strengthened exchanges among enterprises, enhanced friendship and confidence in the future development of the industry.  四、参观山东新丝路工贸股份有限公司 Visit Shandong new silk road Co.,Ltd 随后会议代表参观了山东新丝路工贸股份有限公司,就行业的新设备、新技术等与同行交流分享。 After the meeting, the delegates visited Shandong new silk road Co.,Ltd, share the new equipment and new technologies in the industry with the Colleagues. 首先参观了预整理车间的天然气烫光机设备,山东新丝路工贸股份有限公司目前共配有6条天然气烫光线,采用天然气直燃加热。天然气烫光机烫辊温度均匀,走布更稳定,烫辊直径比传统电烫辊大,烫光处理后的坯布蓬松柔软,绒毛顺直滑亮,效果更好。   Firstly,they visited the natural gas polishing machine in the pre finishing workshop. The Shandong new silk road Co.,Ltd currently has 6 natural gas ironing lights, which are heated by natural gas direct fired. The natural gas calender is uniform in temperature, and the cloth running is more stable. The diameter of the ironing roller is larger than that of the traditional hot roller. The  cloth after the ironing is soft and fluffy, and the fluff is straight and smooth, and the effect is better.  随后参观了经编车间,公司目前共有经编机177台,可织造坯布克重最低160g,最高可达1400g。多种风格可供客户选择,满足全球各地不同市场需求。引进大经轴,提高生产效率,降低工人劳动强度。   Then the group visit the warp knitting workshop. There are 177 warp knitting machines, the weight of weavable blank cloth can be as low as 160g and as high as 1400 G.Various styles are available for customers to meet different market demands all over the world. The introduction of large warp axis improves production efficiency and reduces workers' labor intensity.    接下来,参观了大小圆网车间,德国进口设备,对花精确,花型清晰,疵点少,车速最快可达60m/min,产量高,质量稳定。 Next, they visited round-net workshops. German imported equipment has accurate flower setting, clear pattern and few defects. The speed of the car can reach 60 m/min at the fastest. The output is high and the quality is stable.   随后参观了平网印花车间,目前共有12条平网印花线,产能巨大,日产量120吨以上,生产顺畅、交货及时,可满足世界各地客户的订单需求。其中包含一条平网印花-蒸化-水洗大联机生产线,该项目工序连续性好,用工少,质量稳定,是龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金行业未来的发展方向。该项目于今年10月获得了中国纺织行业设备管理创新成果二等奖。     Then visited the flat screen printing workshop. At present, there are 12 flat screen printing lines with huge production capacity, more than 120 tons per day, smooth production and timely delivery, which can meet the orders of customers all over the world.It contains a flat screen printing-steaming-washing online production line,which has good continuity, less labor and stable quality. It is the future development direction of the blankets industry.And in October this year,it won the China Textile industry Equipment Management Innovation Results Second prize.     最后参观了制版室圆网超高压水射流洗网设备,洗网花回可从640到1680,清洗效果好、效率高、且环保无污染,不仅节约买网成本,而且为公司节省了放置空间 At last, they visited the ultra-high pressure water jet washing equipment in the plate-making room. The net washing size can be from 640 to 1680,with good cleaning effect ,high efficiency , environment protection, ,and low cost。 最后,大会圆满结束。通过本次大会交流,各厂家对龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金行业希望满满,大家齐心合力,有信心把龙8国际老虎机开户送体验金行业发展的越来越好! The conference was successfully concluded. Through this conference exchange, manufacturers on the blanket industry hope full, we all together, have the confidence to the blanket industry development will be more and more good!
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